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Naturally good The ingredients in Sanalio Nature Adult come from local organic farms to ensure traceability. They have been carefully chosen for their easily digestible properties and natural origins, as they have undergone little processing and are guaranteed to contain no additives. Pre-steamed cereal flakes, a mix of raw seeds and dehydrated vegetables make this an ideal sustainable alternative for your dog’s diet. Scientifically approved and verified The Sanalio Nature Adult formula has undergone extensive scientific research. The raw materials have been subjected to strict specifications to guarantee their quality at every stage of production. Rehydration with lukewarm water is beneficial not only for animals that drink little, but also to preserve the vitamins and trace elements contained in the ingredients of the feed. Perfectly balanced Sanalio Nature Adult provides all the fatty acids essential for healthy metabolism and supports digestion. Rich in omega 3 and omega 6, it improves coat quality and promotes a soft, shiny coat. Moreover, it helps prevent certain diseases, such as obesity-related problems, as rehydrated food is more satiating than industrial food. Sanalio Nature Adult is perfectly balanced with the added protein source and mineral-vitamin complex in the mix. It provides all the nutrients essential for good dog health. A varied diet, a source of pleasure Dogs enjoy a varied diet every day thanks to their free choice of added protein. All protein sources can be used. With the exception of dairy products, we recommend weighing the added protein raw and then cooking it; we also recommend using egg or yoghurt once a week. Ask our vets about a ration plan for your dog via info@hnp-horse. *Text reproduced without contract from Sanalio Vet® publications. For more information, visit
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