About us - Horse Nutrition Project

About us

Horse Nutrition Project is a Belgian brand of nutritional supplements, feed and care products for horses. From design
and manufacturing to distribution all stages are carried out within our Belgian-based company. We develop effective products for sport, breeding and leisure horses. Each formula is the result of serious investigations based on solid scientific evidence, a long experience in the field by our veterinary nutritionists for over 65 years and an extremely rigorous choice of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

We are convinced that ensuring the well-being of your horses
starts in the feed trough. We have developed products and an expert equine nutrition service
to support horses throughout their careers in a way that is both
economically acceptable way.

What’s more, it’s to take responsibility for our impact on the environment by encouraging a short supply chain, more ecological solutions in terms of packaging and by constantly seeking alternative and 
innovative solutions. Our commitment to quality, well-being and respect for the environment have earned us the
labelled Feed Chain Alliance and Equures Partner.

“When Nutrition and Care make the difference!”



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