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A dynamic stable that combines two distinct activities, but which is based on the same principle: a carefully studied and precisely assessed diet as the driving force behind the performance, well-being and improved health of the horses we take in.

Our stable is made up of 7 boxes on shavings (Cleanbox® large dusted shavings) with a vertical hay rack and automatic drinking trough. The stable is well-ventilated, well-lit and thermally insulated for optimum comfort. We also have a solarium and a hot and cold shower. Integrated yet independent, our stable is quiet, with no outside horses passing through. It has access to two covered tracks, a large outdoor track, an outdoor paddock and a walker.

In addition to our sport horses (see below), we offer the possibility of housing for four extra horses. We have chosen to reserve our boxesfor horses undergoing rehabilitation or on a short stay (where the owner is unable to take the horse out for holidays or exams, for example). Our team is made up of a vet and two grooms, all 3 of whom are riders, and we know how to deal with a large number of situations where care is needed. We realise that between a veterinary diagnosis and a return to normal activity, it is sometimes difficult for owners to manage post-op care, weeks of immobilisation and/or walking-in-hand programmes, so we offer our services for these transitional periods. Boarding is always complete and includes feed (forage, feed, supplements specifically determined according to your horse), body care, outings (if applicable), stall cleaning (3 times a day, 7 days a week). Ask about availability and prices at

On the sporting side, the stable currently has three mares: two in dressage and one in jumping. Each horse is treated as an individual athlete and receives the appropriate feed and supplements, as well as care specific to that individuality. We take into account the life history, veterinary history and temperament of our horses, which range in age from 10 to 13 years. The objectives are adapted as they grow and progress. Respecting their physical and emotional integrity is a challenge we take up every day. That’s why we make every effort to ensure their comfort, which leads us to regularly adapt their rations, supplements and training programme. They are also an integral part of the Horse Nutrition Project® research and development programme. Our mares are our best ambassadors.

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