I want to build up my horse's muscles. What do you recommend? - Horse Nutrition Project

I want to build up my horse’s muscles. What do you recommend?

I recommend FITNESSVIT, rich in magnesium, vitamin E, selenium in organic form (non-toxic for horses), essential amino acids, carnitine and yeast. FITNESSVIT improves muscular recovery after exercise (elimination of muscle soreness and post-exercise stiffness) and enhances stamina. Horses feel better in their work and will gain muscle mass more easily. Start by giving 3 scoops a day for 15 days, then switch to two scoops during training periods. If the horse has a rest period, you can stop giving the product, but start again 15 days before resuming work. The product can be combined with FLEXWET (plant extracts and glucosamine in liquid form) to enhance joint comfort.


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