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Our Daily Mash contains only quality raw materials: barley, corn, bran, flaxseed, carrots, weight, wheat, rapeseed without any additives. Hyper appetizing and comforting is the ideal way to reward your horse. It is also an excellent support to make it easier the intake of powdered dietary supplements. Since it does not contain vitamins or others, there is no risk of interference or overdose. Its preparation is extremely easy since it can be mixed with hot or cold water. Composition: flaked barley, wheat bran, flaked maize, extruded flaxseed, flattened maize, flaked carrots, flaked peas, flattened wheat, malt rootlets, corn gluten, rapeseed pressure cake Analytical constituents: crude protein 12.5% crude fibre 6% crude fat 6.4% crude ash 3.9% Directions: Daily use: 50 g per 100 kg weight per day. In weekly use: 100 g per 100 kg of weight. Preparation: one volume of Mash for two volumes of water, let swell 5 to 10 minutes. If hot water is used, check the temperature before dispensing. *The above information is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be held as legal guarantees. The complete data sheets are available on request at:
Weight 15 kg