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As the saying goes: no feet no horse. Frog rot is a common problem encountered by horse owners. The frogs are softer or even necrotic, the groove widens and becomes oozing. There is a foul odor. The infection can spread to the rest of the structures of the foot which can lead to discomfort or even lameness. The origin of this degradation is multi-factorial: humid environment, temperature of the litter which increases and contamination by bacteria such as fusobacterium necrophorum and or fungi. Hoof Care HNP is a pine tar of 100% vegetable origin. Hoof Care HNP allows to dry and sanitize the structures of the affected hoof. Its regular application also makes it possible to harden the sole, the bars and the frog allowing a better comfort in the horses which have sensitive feet. Use Our Hoof Care HNP is relatively liquid which allows easy application with a brush. To prevent frog rot problems, apply once a week. To make the sole and other structures of the foot more resistant: apply twice a week. In the event of rotting of the frogs: clean the damaged parts with a brush and then apply 5 days in a row Jar with incorporated brush of 500 ml.  
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