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Itch Stop gel is an exclusive treatment intended to quickly relieve the itching associated with insect bites. Summer mange or recurrent summer dermatitis is a very disturbing pathology for the horse that has it. Following insect bites, the induced hypersensitivity reaction causes intense itching which causes the horse to scratch harder and harder. This itching has a very important impact on the well-being of the horse and can be the cause of extensive and painful scratching lesions. Itch Stop gel is a unique combination of cade oil and 5 high quality plant extracts. Through our range of treatments, HNP wishes to combine the best of phytotherapy with the nutritherapy of these food supplements, in order to provide innovative and multidisciplinary support for pathologies such as summer dermatitis. True cade oil is extracted from juniper, a well-known shrub of the Mediterranean scrubland. It has been used since ancient times for its soothing and healing properties in humans. Aloe ferox is a variety of aloe endemic to South Africa. This aloes needs an area with strong sun exposure and sandy soil. Aloe ferox is quite similar to aloe vera with its thick, fleshy leaves from which the pulp is extracted. This aloe pulp or gel has excellent hydration properties and stimulates tissue repair. Arnica montana is a perennial plant of the asteraceae family, originating in particular from the mountains of Europe, the flower of which is used. It has analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica is registered in the list of medicinal plants of the French Pharmacopoeia. Lavender angustifolia or officinal lavender is used here for its soothing and healing properties. It brings rapid relief to skin lesions and burns. Marigold or calendula officinalis is a yellow flower native to southern Europe. Calendula has been used in many parts of the world and since ancient times for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties on skin lesions. Scots pine is well known for its decongestant effects on the respiratory system but also has antiseptic properties useful for cleaning up skin lesions. Use Gently apply the gel to areas irritated by rubbing or scratching. Two to three times a day For a more complete management of summer dermatitis, it is interesting to combine Itch Stop with a treatment of Imunovit or Imunowet.
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