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Your mare is disturbed by her heat. She seems irritable, anxious or even painful. WELL MARE is an anti-stress product that aims to limit the impact of cycle-related hormonal changes on your mare’s well-being.

Well Mare improves the comfort of your mare in a 100% natural way.

Well Mare does not have a calming effect, allowing your mare to benefit from all her physical potential but in a more relaxed way.

Weight 4 kg

12 Kg, 3 Kg, 4 Kg

Complementary feed that combines 2 macroelements in high concentration: calcium and magnesium, group B vitamins and 3 plants with a progesterone like effect: chasteberry, alchemia and yarrow.

Dosage: 100 g per mare per day. To be distributed daily between the beginning of March and the end of September.

Doping free