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If your horse is very anxious, hot or difficult in competitions, boarding or facing any other punctual manipulations, try without delay our No Stress Instant. The No Stress Instant is a quick and effective solution that allows sensitive horses to be calmer in the face of a potentially anxiety-provoking situation. Its compact presentation in the form of a syringe to be administered directly into the mouth makes it very easy and convenient to use. An essential to add in the competition trunk and always have in the saddlery. To combine with No Stress for a substantive approach in the management of distressing situations by your horse.
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Active substances: melon extracts, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, Anthémis nobilis, Passiflora incarnata

Instructions for use: for a 500 kg horse 1 syringe directly in the mouth 12 hours before the stressful event and 1 syringe 30 minutes before.

Doping free


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