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In horses with grade 1 and 2 gastric ulcers (consultation with a veterinarian is always a prerequisite for a diagnosis)

Digestvit provides immediate relief through its sodium bicarbonate intake.

Then, Fermaid Ease® technology promotes healing of ulcerated areas.

For gastric ulcers higher than grade 2, Digestvit will be used to prolong the effects of medical treatment prescribed by your veterinarian and will help prevent the appearance of new gastric ulcers.

Weight 4 kg

12 Kg, 3 Kg, 4 Kg

The first complementary feed in Belgium to benefit from Fermaid Ease® technology. To be used in the treatment of grade 1 and 2 gastric ulcers following or in addition to conventional veterinary treatment.

Dose of use : 100 g per horse per day for the 4th weeks. Then 50 g per horse and per day for the following weeks.

Doping free.


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